Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

Argonne LogoThis partnership builds upon current research on the integration of Pt nanoparticles with ultra-nanocrystalline diamond for catalysis and fuel cells, and multiferroic materials for spintronics with the goal to develop testbeds and proof-of-concept projects. A Partner User Agreement will facilitate the continuous access by IFN scientists and students to resources, laboratories, and unique facilities such as the Advanced Photon Source to carry out cutting edge nanoscale materials characterization with high energy, high intensity photon beams. Fruitful interactions between principal investigators, postdocs, students and shared administrative support form the basis for collaborative projects. Teams of researchers will seek additional funding in common areas such as nanocatalysts, functional nanomaterials, nanomagnetics, nanoferroelectrics, and multi-functional nanostructures.

NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC)

NASA Glenn logoGRC facilities will support the IFN's proof-of-concept development, prototyping, and scaling-up experiments. In the Electrochemistry Branch, the facility for testing proof-of-concept development and scaling up of hydrogen fuel cells will provide a suitable testbed for the IFN nanostructured catalytic materials and electrodes to determine their actual potential as new technologically viable materials. In the Polymers Branch, potential research collaborations will involve polymers and aero gels developed for various applications at GRC as media or matrices to place the IFN functionalized dispersed nano particles. This will permit us to develop dispersed functional nano materials in innovative ways.

Northwestern University National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NCLT)

NCLT logoCollaboration with the NSF-funded NCLT will enrich the human resources and educational component of the IFN, based on its expertise in inserting nanoscience education in the K-16 Figure 14. Membrane electrode assembly (anode/polymer electrolyte membrane/cathode). 18 educational continuum. The IFN will constitute a team of three faculty members representing the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering in Nanoscience and technology to develop customized modular curricular components on IFN themes. The goal is to incorporate Nanoscience pivoted on core scientific concepts into the graduate and undergraduate curricula at IFN institutions. The IFN will in turn contribute to the NCLT clearinghouse to the benefit of other NCLT partners.

Purdue University: Birck Nanotechnology Center (BNC) and Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN)

NCN logoIFN scientists will work at BNC's state-of the-art clean room facilities to manufacture and characterize devices with potential industrial applications employing IFN Nanomaterials, such as Direct Energy Conversion with Nanostructures and Nanostructure-Enabled MEMS Devices. The IFN will also develop a Computational Nanotechnology Resource Center (CNaRC) by connecting our existing High Performance Computing facility (HPCf) to the NCN. The CNaRC will provide computational resources, training and technical assistance to researchers conducting computational nanotechnology studies or needing to develop mathematical models for their nano materials or fabrication processes.

University of Massachusetts Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM)

Center for Hierarchical ManufacturingIFN will combine its expertise in hard materials with that of UMass in soft materials to jointly develop joint research projects and testbeds and proof-of-concept projects. This collaborative will employ polymer-based lithographic techniques in which CHM has international leadership to fabricate electronic devices that use nano materials developed by the IFN. CHM's clean room and manufacturing facilities are particularly suited for this purpose. Through this partnership, IFN scientists will also gain access to CHM Industrial Partners and the National Nanotechnology Network and Clearinghouse to facilitate innovation and commercialization of products.