Anodic porous alumina together with the oxygen plasma etching technique can be used to yield nanoscale porous diamond and diamond like carbon films. Optionally, three-dimensionally ordered porous carbon surface can also be prepared using a closepacked array of silica colloidal crystals template to produce porous carbon without anodic porous alumna mask. However, all these techniques are too complicated. We employ laser plasma processing techniques to directly produce nanoscale porous structure on nanocrystalline diamond and diamond-like carbon films. A key is to effectively control laser plasma beam and plasma parameters. The design and fabrication of novel target configuration is important for controlling films' nanostructuring into forms, such as porous structure, from nano scale to microscale. This project is currently supported through seed funds from NASA URC Grant NCC3-1034 and the PR-NSF-EPSCoR Phase V program.