FellowThe IFN will provide funds for twelve Ph.D. and six postdoctoral fellows per year. These fellowships have the dual purpose of advancing the research agenda of the IFN Clusters and increasing the number of people working on Nanoscience and Technology in the IFN Clusters and in PR. The IFN researchers, or the applicants themselves, can apply for the fellowship competition. The IFN is committed to actively search and recruit women to the graduate and postdoctoral fellowship programs. All applicants will submit their academic record and a professional development plan. The postdocs will also have to submit a research plan. The RII Task Force will peer review the submitted documents for academic merit, and will make the final selection from among the most meritorious cases, based on the programmatic needs of the Clusters and the evolving IFN research plan, as well as to ensure the diversity of the selected fellows. In addition to the six postdocs, two postdocs will be selected to work specifically in the testbed initiatives of the IFN projects.